Wedding in Piran, Slovenija

Wedding in the medieval town of Piran

Wedding in Piran, SlovenijaPoroka_wedding_Piran002 Poroka_wedding_Piran003 Poroka_wedding_Piran004 Poroka_wedding_Piran005 Poroka_wedding_Piran006 Poroka_wedding_Piran007 Wedding in Piran, Slovenija Poroka_wedding_Piran009 Poroka_wedding_Piran010 Poroka_wedding_Piran011 Poroka_wedding_Piran012 Poroka_wedding_Piran013 Poroka_wedding_Piran014 Poroka_wedding_Piran015 Poroka_wedding_Piran016 Poroka_wedding_Piran017 Poroka_wedding_Piran018 Poroka_wedding_Piran019 Poroka_wedding_Piran020 Poroka_wedding_Piran021 Poroka_wedding_Piran022 Poroka_wedding_Piran023 Wedding in Piran, Slovenija Poroka_wedding_Piran025 Wedding in Piran, Slovenija Poroka_wedding_Piran027 Poroka_wedding_Piran028 Poroka_wedding_Piran029 Poroka_wedding_Piran030 Poroka_wedding_Piran031 Poroka_wedding_Piran032 Poroka_wedding_Piran033 Poroka_wedding_Piran034 Poroka_wedding_Piran035 Poroka_wedding_Piran036 Poroka_wedding_Piran037 Poroka_wedding_Piran038 Poroka_wedding_Piran039 Wedding in Piran, Slovenija Poroka_wedding_Piran041 Poroka_wedding_Piran042 Poroka_wedding_Piran043 Poroka_wedding_Piran044

Church ceremony: St. George's church (cerkev Sv. Jurija) in Piran, Slovenia
Wedding reception: LifeClass hotels, Portoroz

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Vintage wedding poroka Izola Strunjan soline

Vintage wedding above Izola

Ever since I met Anja and Jernej (we made a prewedding session, too!), I knew that this one will be different from other weddings I have done in the past. It was the laughter and the excitement of these natural, open hearted and unbelievably nice people that gave me a hint how different they are and that their wedding will be unique, a one worth remembering.

Anja and Jernej decided to have a wedding with an interesting vintage style twist, with the wedding ceremony being held in the St. Jacob’s church, placed on a hill with a breathtaking viewpoint, just above Izola, a Slovenian coastal town.

The wedding was very intimate, and they were surrounded by the people who matter to them the most. What amazed me is that everyone had their own role in the entire process. Since the isolated, beautifully white and small church is rarely in use,  they had to take care for the preparations all by themselves. From cleaning it, to preparing the holy water.

After they said their “I do’s” in front of the God and their loved ones, we headed right on the backyard of the church to have the civil ceremony. And it was one of a kind, with the wedding altar made of wood, interlaced with vines and snow white canopy. With the violin playing in the background, they promised to love and take care of each other “Till death do us apart”.

When the ceremony was finished, and all the toasts and congratulations dried out, Anja and Jernej took a walk on the salt fields in Strunjan, where they had a chance to spend their first alone moments as a married couple, and give me a chance to make some lovely sunset photos.

Vintage wedding poroka Izola Strunjan soline Poroka_wedding_Izola_002 Poroka_wedding_Izola_003_006 Poroka_wedding_Izola_005_004 Poroka_wedding_Izola_008_007 Poroka_wedding_Izola_009 Poroka_wedding_Izola_011 Poroka_wedding_Izola_012_013 Poroka_wedding_Izola_014 Poroka_wedding_Izola_015_016 Poroka_wedding_Izola_017 Poroka_wedding_Izola_018 Poroka_wedding_Izola_019_020 Poroka_wedding_Izola_021 Poroka_wedding_Izola_023_022 Poroka_wedding_Izola_024 Poroka_wedding_Izola_026_025 Poroka_wedding_Izola_027 Poroka_wedding_Izola_028 Poroka_wedding_Izola_029 Poroka_wedding_Izola_030 Poroka_wedding_Izola_031 Vintage wedding poroka Izola Strunjan soline-Fearless awarded Vintage wedding poroka Izola Strunjan soline Poroka_wedding_Izola_034 Vintage wedding poroka Izola Strunjan soline Vintage wedding poroka Izola Strunjan soline Vintage wedding poroka Izola Strunjan soline Vintage wedding poroka Izola Strunjan soline Vintage wedding poroka Izola Strunjan soline Vintage wedding poroka Izola Strunjan soline Vintage wedding poroka Izola Strunjan soline Vintage wedding poroka Izola Strunjan soline Vintage wedding poroka Izola Strunjan soline


Church wedding ceremony location: church of St. Jakob in Šared, Izola (Slovenia)
Photo session: salt fields in Strunjan

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Poroka vintage wedding Izola and Portoroz marina

Retro wedding in Izola and Portoroz

I know Adriana for almost 20 years now, from the time she was a little and shy school girl. After she moved to Ljubljana to study medicine, we rarely seen each other. It was a pleasant surprise when she called me and told me that she is going to get married and that she wants me to be the one who will photograph her wedding. And Luka? I can say he’s the nicest and coolest non-geeky geek I have ever met. He is an engineer that tinkers with microwaves, radars, satellites and space stuff. Like a modern day Heinrich Hertz, but way cooler!

When the day of the wedding came, it was a little strange for me to see Adriana who is about to become a woman and start a family of her own, but once the wedding preparations began, I realized that she is the same little girl I knew from before, only all grown up. Before the groom thundered his way to Adriana’s family house, I had a chance to capture a few beautiful bride preparation photos. She was wearing her mother’s wedding dress, but stylishly incorporated a few modern accessories that made her look breathtaking.

The proof of the couple’s coolness is the fact that, for their wedding, they chose a combination of 60s and 80s inspired theme, and the groom came to the bride’s house with an unbelievably slick, racing style, pimped up Zastava 101. After the groom and Adriana’s brother fired up the chainsaw to make their way through the traditional barricade that is supposed to test the grooms determination to get the bride, they jumped into the car and were on their way to the isolated and small church above Izola.

It started raining in the meantime, but they didn’t change their minds about having the civil ceremony outdoors in the church’s backyard, and held it outdoors despite the rain. It was a great feeling to take pictures of the moment when the father of the bride walked her down the isle, as I could see the pride in his eyes. They got married under a canopy that Adriana’s brother made for the wedding, and it was a beautiful ceremony, with only the registrar’s voice and the sound of the rain drops in the air, and the crystal clear “I do” that Luka and Adriana said with love in their voices.

After that, we all went inside the church for a peaceful and quiet wedding in front of the God. In the meantime, the rain stopped falling and the sun came out as if it wanted to congratulate the newlyweds.

When all the congratulations and tears of joy faded away, it was time to head out to the marina of Portoroz for the reception. Needles to say is that the reception was one crazy party, especially the moment when the newlyweds and their guests made an unexpected twist by switching from the waltz to Gangam Style dance.

The band that played during the reception, called “Josip Brass”, was rocking it loud, and making sure that everyone is on their feet with hits from Peter Gabriel, Aretha Franklin, Phil Collins, Amy Winehouse, Frank Sinatra and many others. To spice up the memories of this beautiful and fun wedding, we also had a photo booth!

Poroka vintage wedding Izola and Portoroz marina Poroka vintage wedding Izola and Portoroz marina Poroka vintage wedding Izola and Portoroz marina Poroka vintage wedding Izola and Portoroz marina Poroka vintage wedding Izola and Portoroz marina Poroka vintage wedding Izola and Portoroz marina Poroka vintage wedding Izola and Portoroz marina Poroka vintage wedding Izola and Portoroz marina Poroka vintage wedding Izola and Portoroz marina Poroka vintage wedding Izola and Portoroz marina Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_011 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_012 Poroka vintage wedding Izola and Portoroz marina Poroka vintage wedding Izola and Portoroz marina Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_015 Poroka vintage wedding Izola and Portoroz marina Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_017 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_018 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_019 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_020 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_021 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_022 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_023 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_024 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_025 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_026 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_027 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_028 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_029 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_030 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_031 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_032 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_033 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_034 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_035 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_036 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_037 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_038 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_039 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_040 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_041 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_042 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_043 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_044 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_045 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_046 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_047 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_048 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_049 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_050 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_051 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_052 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_053 Poroka_vintage_wedding_Portoroz_054

Porocni fotograf Villa Andor, Hotel Kempinski

Coastal wedding

Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0001_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0002_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0003_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0004_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0005_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0006_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0007_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0008_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0009_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0010_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0011_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0012_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0013_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0014_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0015_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0016_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0017_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0018_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0019_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0020_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0021_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0022_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0023_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0024_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0025_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0026_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0027_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0028_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0029_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0030_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0031_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0032_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0033_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0034_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0035_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0036_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0037_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0038_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0039_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0040_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0041_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0044_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0045_ Porocni_fotograf_Kempinski_Andor_0046_

Wedding ceremony: Cathedral of Mary's Assumption, Koper
Wedding reception: Villa Andor, Ankaran
Photo session: Kempinski Hotel Portorož

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